Monday, April 26, 2010

Wanted to see...

It is true.............I wanted to see if I still knew how to blog. It took me 2 tries just to sign in, so that is telling me something. I am sure I won't be able to change the background---I couldn't even do that by myself last summer. I am sure you have wondered why I quit blogging. (Ha) I began to mess up on birthdays and anniversaries. I felt bad when I made a big deal about some birthdays and totally forgot about others. I am always so afraid of hurting some one's feelings.
It is so amazing how fast time flies. I think I really began to notice when our oldest started school. The years have flown by. We are starting to think about summer and I wonder when did we have winter??
I find myself TIRED and not much energy. We had a YW fund raiser dinner on Saturday night. We found out on Saturday morning that someone had set up for a wedding reception for Saturday night. (can I add: they were not in our stake and had no permission to be there and were not sorry they were there) So, we get to move our dinner to another building and call everyone and let them know of the new location etc. What a pain!!!!! I think I mean that literally, my back was killing me. Most of us know I am a holiday freak, because of that I was able to decorate the cultural hall in Americana decorations. I didn't have to buy anything except the tablecloths!!
This weekend we are taking the youth to the Gila Valley to the new temple open house. The youth are sleeping on the floor at 2 separate houses. The YW President felt sorry for Grandpa and Grandma Mac and she found us a bed!! Thank you Jennifer!!
I have been trying to do more sewing and have done some easy crafts. I have made a mess in all 3 spare bedrooms!!! As long as Mr Daniel can make it to the exercise bicycle he is happy!


  1. Glad to read your blog again mom! I might be able to help you over the phone if you want to change your background!

  2. YAAY! I'm glad you blogged! I love reading blogs. With Facebook and such, not so many people are blogging anymore. Glad to see you've made a comeback! :) Your background is super cute!

  3. Hey madre! I am amazed at how busy you stay. Glad to hear from you again! It looks like you changed your background! Looks good!

  4. Just stopping by to say hi! 123